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Tooblack Travel Cabinet  [Sold]

Tooblack Pegboard  [Sold]

Tooblack Wings Table
walnut 104 to 160 x 80cm
orig $8980, now $7980
last one

Tooblack Rattan Chair
ash in brown
orig $2480, now $1880

Tooblack Mini Bookshelf
orig $3480, now $2680

Tooblack Magazine Rack
orig $1980, now $1480
last one

Inns Geo Shelf II (3x3)
112 x 29 - 39 x 112cm
orig $5040, now $3480

Inns Dresser
ash, 69x45x77hcm
orig $6480, now $4980

Inns Table, ash, 130x70cm
orig $6980, now $5480

Inns Table, Bench, 2 Chairs
orig $15120, now $9999

Inns Box
walnut, 33x37x33h cm
orig $999, now $699

BB Folding Stool
ash, for kid
orig $999, now $699
last one

Pure Bench
walnut 90cm
orig $3280, now $2680

Sixties White Table
white, 80cm dia
orig $5480, now $3980

Sixties 3 Drawer
walnut, 60x35x62hcm
orig $4480, now $3480

Chair 66
orig $2980, now $1980
last one

Woody Shaker Chair
orig $2180, now $1480
last one

Sixties Extend Table II
oak, 125 to 195 x 80cm
orig $6980, now $5480

Woody Mini Table
maple, 90x44x52Hcm
orig $2580, now $2180
last one

Woody Shelf Unit
red oak, 100x36.3x86 hcm
orig $3280, now $2280

Yi Custom Table
red oak, 120x75cm
orig $5980, now $4980

Yi Desk
walnut, 100x38cm
orig $3980, now $3380

Yi TV Cabinet I
red oak, 120cm
orig $6980, now $5980

Yi Bookshelf
red oak, no door
orig $6980, now $5980

Yi Bookshelf
walnut, one Door
orig $8980, now $7480

Yi Chest 120
walnut, 120x38x90cm
orig $14980, now $10980
last one

Yi Dining Board II
walnut, 90x38x145cm
orig $14480, now $10980
last one

Yi Bed
frame 130x195x 87H cm
for mattress 122x183x20-25H cm
orig $12980, now $9999


H Ladder Coat Stand   [Sold]


Inns Side Table  [Sold]

Planting Shoe Cabinet   [Sold]
red oak, 64x36x105Hcm

Inns Cube Bedside  [Sold]

Woody Mini Cabinet  [Sold]

TIME Arm Chair  [Sold]

Inns Kid Set (adjustable)  [Sold]
maple, display

INNS Custom Shoe Cabinet  [Sold]
red oak, 70x35x110cm, display

YI Tailor Table  [Sold]
walnut, 135x80cm

Tooblack Elegant Dresser  [Sold]
walnut, display

Woody Table II  [Sold]
maple, 100x50x75Hcm

Tooblack Round Table  [Sold]
walnut, display

TIME Trolley  [Sold]
walnut, display

Chair 66  [Sold]
red oak, display

Candy Cabinet  [Sold]
maple, 80x38x67.5Hcm

Inns Slim Shoe Storage  [Sold]
ash, 70x22x113Hcm

Yi TV Cabinet 4  [Sold]
walnut, 160x42x50Hcm

Yi Bookcase  [Sold]
walnut, 85x33x185cm

Woody Mini Table  [Sold]
maple, 90cm

Y Chair 95  [Sold]

Woody Extendable Table  [Sold]
red oak, 110 to 180 x 70cm

YD Chair 11 [Sold]
walnut & oak

Sixties Extendable Table [Sold]
teak, 80-140 x 80 x 73cm

INNS 2 Door  [Sold]
ash, 75x40x86Hcm

Heis TV Cabinet [Sold]
walnut, 180cm

WOODY Coat Stand [Sold]
walnut & maple, 183cm

Heis Coffee Table [Sold]
walnut, 60cm

TIME Chest [Sold]
oak, 75 x 42 x 100Hcm

Yi Shoe Cabinet [Sold]
red oak

Yi Glass Side Cabinet [Sold]
red oak

Inns Slim Shoe Storage [Sold]
walnut, 90cm

WOODY Dresser [Sold]

H Coat Stand [Sold]
ash, 90cm

Inns Cube Bedside [Sold]
ash, 45cm

Tooblack June Cabinet [Sold]

Tooblack TV Cabinet [Sold]
walnut, 180cm

Yi Wardrobe [Sold]

Time Bedside [Sold]

Sixties Cabinet 89 [Sold]
Teak, shoe cabinet

Tooblack Round Table [Sold]

Inns 6 Door  [Sold]

H Walnut Mirror [Sold]

WOODY Mini Table [Sold]

Tooblack Mid Century Cabinet [Sold]

Tooblack Caribbean Chair [Sold]
ash and walnut

WOODY Table [Sold]
maple, 120x70cm

Tooblack Wonderful Sofa  [Sold]

Tooblack Little Table  [Sold]
cherry, 120x80cm

Yi Slim Desk [Sold]
red oak, 100x38cm

H Walnut Side Table 21 [Sold]

Franco Candy Cabinet  [Sold]

Planting Shoe Cabinet [Sold]
red oak, 64cm

H Ladder Bookshelf [Sold]

Sixties Chair 80 [Sold]

Heis Bedside [Sold]
cherry wood

Nordi Color Table [Sold]
green, 140x80

Slab Bar Table [Sold]
120 x 42-46 x 103Hcm

YD Chair 73 [Sold]
white oak, 2pc

Pure Coffee Table [Sold]
red oak

YD Bench [Sold]
walnut, 120cm

TIME Hygge Bookcase [Sold]
white oak

TIME Bedside [Sold]
white oak

TIME Side Cabinet [Sold]
white oak

YD Table [Sold]
walnut, 125x75cm

YD Chair 49 [Sold]
white oak

Heis Freedom [Sold]
shelf, layer, drawer, door

Tooblack Shoe Cabinet [Sold]
walnut & rattan

Tooblack Rattan Stool [Sold]
cherry, 55cm

Pure Desk [Sold]
red oak, 135cm

ND Sofa [Sold]
two seat, 172cm

Yi Custom Table [Sold]
red oak, 120x75cm

Pure Chair 56 [Sold]
red oak, 2pc

Tooblack Danish Chair [Sold]
ash, green

E-toko Kid Chair [Sold]
ash wood

INNS Bookshelf [Sold]
display, walnut

Woody Shelf Unit [Sold]
red oak, 162cm

Heis Secret Stool [Sold]
display, walnut

WOODY Rotate Stool [Sold]
walnut, 56-65H cm 

Tooblack Bedside II [Sold]
display, walnut

Tooblack Air Desk [Sold]
display, walnut, 120cm

Heis Free-Styled Cabinet [Sold]
display, walnut, 97x30x71.5cm

Heis Free-Styled Cabinet [Sold]
display, walnut, 97x30x131cm

Tooblack Side Cabinet [Sold]
display, walnut

Woody Shoe Cabinet [Sold]
display, cherry & walnut

YD Dining Board [Sold]
display, white oak

Pure Chair [Sold]
display, red oak, 2pc

INNS Freedom Shelf  [Sold]
display, 4 x 4

YD TV Cabinet [Sold]
display, white oak

YD Cabinet Slide [Sold]
display, white oak

Folding Stool [Sold]
display, oak, leather

Yi Round Table  [Sold]
walnut, 100cm, display

INNS Double Desk   [Sold]
display, walnut, 100x55

Tooblack Bergen Cabinet [Sold]
display, cherry

Tooblack Mid Century  [Sold]
display, cherry

Heis Chest 6 Drawer [Sold]
display, walnut

Yi Drawer Desk  [Sold]
display, walnut, 120cm

Woody Extendable Table  [Sold]
display, red oak

Yi Custom Table  [Sold]
display, red oak

Yi Desk  [Sold]
display, walnut, 100x55cm

ND Table  [Sold]
beech, 135x82x72cm, display

Tooblack Little Table  [Sold]
cherry, 120x80cm, display

Island Shoe Cabinet  [Sold]
display, beech

Tooblack Nordic Sideboard  [Sold]
Cherry, display

Mike Glass Walnut Table  [Sold]
walnut, 160cm, display

Mike Glass Bookcase  [Sold]
display, walnut

Heis Chest 5 Drawer  [Sold]
walnut, display

Pure Shoe Cabinet  [Sold]
walnut, 80x35x110cm, display

Fanni Mini Bookcase  [Sold]
walnut, display

Walnut Glass Side Table  [Sold]
display, walnut & glass

Heis Rec Coffee Table  [Sold]
walnut, 115x60cm, display

Woody Table  [Sold]
display, red oak, 120cm

Chair 63   [Sold]
display, beech + leather

Yi TV Cabinet II  [Sold]
display, red oak

Tooblack Bench  [Sold]
display, 80cm, last one

ND Coffee Table  [Sold]
beech, 120x58cm, display

Sweetie Desk  [Sold]
beech, 140x65cm, display

Ichiba NaKids Box  [Sold]
display, last one

Ichiba NaKids Coat Rack  [Sold]
display, last one

Pure Dresser  [Sold]
red oak, display

Heis Bookshelf  [Sold]
ash, 100x158cm, display

YI Wardrobe I  [Sold]
display, walnut

Pure Study Set  [Sold]
display, beech

Eiffel Sofa  [Sold]
2 Seat, Beech, display

Kid High Chair  [Sold]
Oak, display

Woody TV Cabinet  [Sold]
Cherry, 110cm, display

YD Extendable Table  [Sold]
oak, display

Sincere Shoe Cabinet  [Sold]
display, walnut

Table 45  [Sold]
display, beech, 130x80cm

Pure Table  [Sold]
display, red oak, 120cm

YI Custom Table  [Sold]
display, walnut, 120cm

FANNI Dresser  [Sold]
display, walnut

HEIS Bench II  [Sold]
display, walnut, 150cm

TIME Bookcase  [Sold]
display, white oak

Sincere Bookshelf  [Sold]
display, walnut, 170Hcm

FANNI Stool  [Sold]
display & last one

INNS Table  [Sold]
display, ash, 130cm

Ladder Coat Stand  [Sold]
display, ash, 1pc

PURE TV Table  [Sold]
display, red oak, 150cm

TIME Trolley  [Sold]
display, walnut

TIME Shoe Cabinet  [Sold]
white oak, display

Basic Round Table  [Sold]
display, walnut, 105cm

EIFFEL Arm Chair  [Sold]
display, beech

Heis Rec Table II  [Sold]
display, walnut, 150cm

HEIS Oval Coffee Table  [Sold]
dispaly, walnut, 120cm, 1pc

EIFFEL Table II  [Sold]
display, beech, 135cm

EIFFEL Bench II  [Sold]
display, beech, 120cm

PURE Coffee Table  [Sold]
display, walnut

Heis Secret Dresser  [Sold]
display, walnut

HEIS Bench  [Sold]
130cm, display, walnut 

HEIS Coffee Table  [Sold]
display, cherry, 1pc

TOOBLACK Air Desk  [Sold]
display, cherry, 140cm

FANNI SQ Stool  [Sold]
display, walnut

YD Chair 09  [Sold]
display item, 1pc
Folding Table  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only

Heis Rec Table, Walnut  [Sold]
display Item, 1pc only

Heis Chest of 5 Drawers  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only

HEIS Round Coffee Table [Sold]
display, 4pc walnut, 2pc cherry

Heis Arc Table  [Sold]
diplay, cherry 80x80cm
YD Stool  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only
Oak Bedside Cabinet  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only
Fanni Table  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only
Fanni Dresser Set  [Sold]
display item, 1pc only