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以生命延續生命 • 支持器官捐贈

多年前已有器官捐贈 的想法, 知道手續簡單, 亦明白捐贈的重要性, 但… 從來沒有認真對待, 說不出原因, 總之就是沒有去實行. 今日終於身體力行完成了登記, 並告訴了家人自己的意願. 沒有特別的理由, 只是覺得可以做的, 該做的, 就做吧.

同時, 希望運用 Harmony 小店微薄的力量推廣器官捐贈, 並為支持者作出一點嘉許. 如你是器官捐贈登記者, 在小店選購餐桌, 我們少收二百元.

在香港, 大家不缺傢俱, 亦不缺二百元, 缺少的是一股視自願捐贈器官為理所當然的風氣. 請為我們的社會燃點希望, 為絕望中的病人帶來第二次生命. 現在就登記成為捐贈者.


• 親臨小店選購任何一米或以上長度的餐桌, 並出示其本人有效的器官捐贈証明 (如器官捐贈卡, 網上中央器官捐贈登記記錄), 即減二百元.

• 可以與其他優惠一同使用, 陳列特價品除外.

• 小店保障留最終決定權.




# FB: 器官捐贈在香港 Organ Donation@HK

Appeal Message from the Secretary for Food and Health

With the advancement in medical skills and technology, needy patients may now find a second chance at life through organ transplantation, lighting up hope for patients and their family members.

Thanks to the effort of the community at large, including healthcare professionals and non-government organizations, we have cultivated a culture of voluntary organ donation in Hong Kong, as can be seen by prominent media coverage on stories about organ donation from time to time. We are also pleased to learn that over a hundred thousand people have registered under the Centralized Organ Donation Register.

I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to members of the public for signing up immediately for organ donation via the Department of Health’s organ donation thematic website, and to make known your wish to your family members. Let’s give those in urgent need a second chance at life!

Dr. KO Wing-man, BBS, JP

Appeal Message from the Chairman of the Hospital Authority

Shortfall in supply of organs for transplantation in Hong Kong has always been a grave concern for patients with organ failure. Failure in matching a compatible organ brings despair to sufferers and their family members. Sadly, some of the patients passed away before reaching a successful match.

Our City has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of medical and surgical skills for transplants, but organ donation remains a hard topic to broach with the relatives of dying patients. It is certainly a difficult moment when a beloved family member leaves us. However, despite living in sadness and grief, we can still extend love and blessing to those who are battling for their lives on the verge of death.

Through the donation of kidney, cornea live, heart, bone, and skin, an organ donation decision can rekindle hope to seven patients and their families! If you are willing to support the organ donation campaign, I sincerely invite you to sign up in the Centralised Organ Donation Register to demonstrate your commitment. Please also make sure that your wish to donate organs after death is made known to your family members. Let's join hands to go the extra mile to support organ donation, show your love and care to patients in need!

Prof John LEONG Chi-yan, SBS, JP
Chairman of the Hospital Authority